One sure-fire way to help take control of your eating habits and learn to enjoy healthy eating is to cook your own meals.  When you cook at home you can control the quality of the ingredients that go into your food.  I recognize that in our busy society, this can be a real challenge sometimes.  But even if you don’t like cooking, you can find some simple recipes on the internet and make them work for you.

I enjoy watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network.  Her recipes are simple, but more importantly she lets you know that she’s teaching a technique more that just a recipe.

Once you realize that most recipes are just a starting point, and you can make changes according to your own likes and dislikes, you are ready to embrace the world of good food that you can have anytime.

Don’t be discouraged if you make something that flops.  There are many nights when I have experimented on a meal that didn’t taste a good as I had hoped and I just had to say, “well it’s food, at least we’ll eat”.  Then I don’t ever make that recipe again and I take what I can from it for the next time.

You’ll find that your taste buds change over time and you may develop a more discerning palate.

The best part about playing with your recipes is that you can reduce the fat or sugar or sodium, depending on your dietary needs, and find something that works for you.

It may take some time, but don’t give up.  If you only try one new recipe a week, you won’t be overwhelmed and you will be making steady progress.

Happy Eating.

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